Enable Logging for mscorlib/system/runtime/serialization/formatters/binary/binaryobjectreader.cs

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I want to switch on logging of file mscorlib/system/runtime/serialization/formatters/binary/binaryobjectreader.cs

So that I could understand the deserialization behavior. 

#if _DEBUG                        
            SerTrace.Log( this, "ParseMember ",objectPr.PRobjectId," ",pr.PRname);
            SerTrace.Log( this, "ParseMember objectPr ",objectPr.Trace());
            SerTrace.Log( this, "ParseMember pr ",pr.Trace());#endif

 Please let me know, how can I enable these traces when deserialization is performed. So that in the attached screenshot, I could figure out what is the reason for more function calls on the right side image of the attachment.

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I'd suggest trying Microsoft Doc's Q&A site which is for .NET topics you're talking about.

you can see all the available Q&A sites for .NET here: