Microsoft Tech Community Language Translation - Service Update

Published Apr 15 2021 03:28 PM 1,616 Views
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We are experiencing issues with the Microsoft Tech Community Language Translation system which means that Translations will currently be unavailable for all users.


**Updated 04/23/2021 @ 5PM PDT**

We have deployed the fix and will continue to monitor the service over the weekend. Language translation maybe a little slower than normal while it catches up on all posts missed over the last week.


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Please accept our apologies for any inconvenience.


Allen Smith

Technical Lead

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Hello Everyone. I use automatic translation in MTC all the time and I had often confusing messages that translation is not possible, but practically the operation was correct, I think the cache in Edge in this case causes the wrong flow and a message that does not confirm in fact!

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Thanks for commenting, once the system is back up could you send us a screenshot of the error? you can email us here.

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Hello. Yes I sent as you asked, but the translation with me is fine!

The translation service is unavailable for me today, should it be available?

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@Jan Karel Pieterse 


Unfortunately not yet, the proposed fix threw up some issues we are working to fix before we roll it out, apologies for the delay. I am hoping we will have something before the end of the week

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@Jan Karel Pieterse 


See my update.. let me know if you see any issues, however I wouldn't report delays in translations of up to 30 minutes at the moment, it has a backlog of posts to workthrough.



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Previously it was definitely better do not know why it changed is difficult to translate without seeing all the written content I'll add screenshots later . But I think it's Bing translator works badly and there are problems in MTC. now I write and I have to guess what I wrote earlier!  


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Is it possible to deactivate the Languange Translation Service? 

It is a little confusing when I'm reading posts in Spanish (my mother tongue) and I feel I could understand it better without translating it so I change the language to Spanish but after seeing or replying to the post I return to the English language ^^' haha


Thank you in advance


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