A guide to using the Best Response feature in this community!
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The Best Response feature is a component on threads that highlights a particular reply or comment on threads within this community. As the name suggests, it helps users immediately identify the reply which most closely answers or addresses the original post. Only the original asker, Microsoft MVPs, and Microsoft Employees have the ability to mark an answer as Best Response.


We encourage community members to use this feature to help:

  1. Showcase that the question has been addressed/resolved
  2. Help distinguish which reply/comment was the most helpful
  3. Give credit to the responder who helped answer the question.


Here’s a quick FAQ on the Best Response feature:


Q: How do I know if an answer has been marked Best Response?

A: The best Response is denoted by emboldened text and with a purple checkmark, as well as a purple accent to the thread. (See below)


Q: Can I skip directly to a Best Response?

A: Yes. When in the conversation view, you will see a hyperlink that jumps directly to the best response. This is especially helpful when there are numerous replies


Q: Who can mark an answer as Best Response?

A: The person who asked the initial question (also referred to as the Original Poster or OP), Microsoft Employees, and Microsoft MVPs can mark an answer as Best Response.


Q: How do I mark an answer as Best Response?

A: If you have permission to mark an answer the thread, you will see an option in each reply next to the like button.


Q: What’s the benefit of Best Responses?

A: As well as helping users distinguish solutions, Best Responses are built into our ranking algorithm and helps you move up the ranking system. They are weighed more heavily than standard replies.


Q: Is a thread locked once an answer is marked as a Best Response?

A: No, users can still comment and the Best Response can be applied to a different comment. 


Q: How will I know if someone has marked my answer as a Best Response? 

A: You will get a notification similar to other community actions. 


Feel free to add any additional questions as replies to this thread! 

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