UPDATE: Upcoming URL change for OpsMgr-attach to Azure Operational Insights
Published Feb 16 2019 12:16 AM 162 Views
First published on TECHNET on Feb 12, 2015
IMPORTANT for Azure Operational Insights users is using Operations Manager attach communicating behind proxies or firewalls that only allow specific destinations!

This is a reminder of the upcoming change or URLs already communicated earlier in a previous blog post – please note we plan on deploying this change on February 19 th 2015 .

We’d like to make sure this isn’t going to affect you, so please make sure you read the information on that earlier blog post : it also contains a workaround you can proactively apply, should you wish to delay receiving this update and have more time to change your firewall/proxy configuration.

We have not received many responses to the Survey about how you use proxies – it’s still open if you haven’t told us! Please notice that, while we do read all the comments, we don’t track who responded what to the survey, so if you want to be contacted back/have more questions about this change, you can reach out to us via email for questions or help at scdata@microsoft.com
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