Unable to install license key on SCOM 2012
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First published on TECHNET on Oct 19, 2012

I was working on a customer’s System Center 2012 Operations Manager, which was failing to register their application, even when they were using the steps provided in KB2699998 .


Using the steps  referenced in KB2699998 , the PowerShell hangs after you run the “ Set-SCOMLicense -ProductId XXXXX-XXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX “ command and select Y to confirm.


An “Unauthorized Access Exception” or simply a lack of “permissions” needed to update the database is being prevented from updating the OperationsManager database. Even though the account is a member of the Domain Administrators.


Make sure that the account you are using to run the PowerShell registration commands is not only a local administrator on the management server, but more importantly it has the correct rights to make changes to the “OperationsManager” SQL database. A domain admin account may not work for you depending on how you configure the settings in SQL. I would recommend using the SDK account; if the SDK can not make these changes, then you just might have some bigger issues going on that need to be taken care of.

Since the SDK account is one set of credentials that is used to “update” & “read” the information that is in the operational database. The Operations Manager will ensures that the credentials used for the System Center Data Access service and System Center Configuration service account are assigned to the “sdk_user” role in the operational database. For more information you can learn more here .


You may also find that there are no event log alerts or ProcMon events if you go that far that would lead you any signs of errors, however, when was able to pull this once while running these command through PowerShell – ISE.


+ CategoryInfo : NotSpecified: (Microsoft.Syste....SetSCOMLicense:SetSCOMLicense) [Set-COMLicense], UnauthorizedAccessException

+ FullyQualifiedErrorId : ExecutionError,Microsoft.SystemCenter.OperationsManagerV10.Commands.Commands.AdministrationCm


Here are the registrations commands again to used.

import-module operationsmanager


Set-SCOMLicense -ProductId XXXXX-XXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX-XXXXX (Use your key not mine)

You’ll need to select “Y” to confirm the action, which you should complete and bring you back to a PS> prompt again. Next stop & start the Operations Manager services or reboot.

You can verify that it is valid by running this command:

Get-SCOMManagementGroup | ft skuforlicense, version, timeofexpiration –a

Make sure that it is “Retail” and not “Eval”. Retail means you go.

Additional Notes

Also you may want to check and see that your management server’s environmental variables has your Operations Manager’s path. In my lab this was an issues as well as a customer’s system.

I hope this information was helpful, No go out and conquer the rest of the world.

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