Top Secret Trick: Easily Viewing Configuration Items and Other Work Items Related to a User
Published Feb 15 2019 03:47 AM 193 Views
First published on TECHNET on Sep 01, 2010

This is a simple trick that is a little hard to discover but can be very useful. Let’s say you are working an incident and you want to see the affected user’s configuration items (computers, etc.) or maybe you want to see if he currently has an other open active incidents that might be related to this one.  Ideally this information would be no clicks or one click away. We didn’t get quite that close but with just two clicks you can get to that information and more.  You can double click (click #1 – or does that count as two clicks? :)  ) on any user’s name in any user picker control on a form and it will bring up the user properties dialog. If you click on the Related Items tab (click #2) you can easily see all the other work items and configuration items related to that user.

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