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First published on TECHNET on Apr 26, 2010

You can use the new TechNet Wiki site to share your VMM expertise with the community, and to learn from others who have already shared their knowledge. Anyone who signs on to the site by using a Windows Live ID can contribute – so go ahead and sign up! You can share things like troubleshooting information, how-to information, best practices, overviews, and cross-platform advice, such as your experience managing Hyper-V hosts and virtual machines by using VMM. For information about what makes a good article, see Wiki: What Makes a Great Wiki Article .

You can find the TechNet Wiki at . You’ll also notice that if you go to the TechNet home page , there is now a Wiki tab at the top.

The TechNet Wiki already contains some great VMM content. You can find VMM-related Wiki content in several ways:

· From the TechNet Wiki site, enter a search term such as “VMM” in the search box at the top of the page.

· On the TechNet Wiki home page, under Portals , click Virtualization . Then look under the System Center Virtual Machine Manager heading for links to VMM-related articles. Keep in mind that this portal page is manually updated with links to new articles. If you find any other VMM articles that you would like in this list, go ahead and add them!

· From the Wiki home page, you can click the link to the tag cloud, or go directly to the tag cloud page to search by popular tags. VMM-related articles are typically tagged with at least “VMM,” “SCVMM” and “Virtual Machine Manager”, so you can click any one of these. If you create any new VMM-related Wiki articles, please try to add these tags.

You can also receive notifications about articles via e-mail or RSS feeds.

· To keep track of changes to a specific article, you can subscribe to the article. When you view an article, you’ll see the options to Subscribe to Article (RSS) and Share via Email in the right pane (shown below).

· You can subscribe via RSS to a specific search term or tag (like “VMM”). To do this, type the search term or tag in the search box. When the search results are returned, you’ll see a Subscribe via RSS link on the right side (shown below).

For more information about monitoring options, see Wiki: How to Monitor Content .

You may notice that some articles consist of previous SCVMM team blog posts that have been ported to the Wiki. Several of these include troubleshooting information or tips provided by Microsoft Customer Service and Support (CSS). The advantage to the Wiki is that you can add to these articles (or create new ones) based on your own personal experience. So go ahead – sign up and share your knowledge today!

Tessa Wooley |Technical Writer, Microsoft

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