System Center VMM 2016 features demos on Channel 9
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First published on TECHNET on Jan 23, 2017

We now have some quick demos (<5 minutes) published on Channel 9 which provide you with good insights of new features of Virtual Machine Manager 2016. They’re definitely worth checking out and you can find complete list below.

  • Deploy Network Controller : In this video tutorial you will see how you can use the service template-based mechanism, provided by VMM 2016, for deployment and horizontal scaling of Software Defined Networking components – Network Controller, Gateway, and Software Load Balancer. Network Controller is a new server role in Windows Server 2016 that provides a centralized and programmable point to automate network configuration.
  • Setup hyper-converged cluster : In this video, you will see how you can use VMM 2016 to seamlessly deploy hyper-converged Storage Spaces Direct cluster that provide highly available and scalable storage solutions using local disks. You will see how the existing cluster creation wizard is extended to deploy hyper-converged clusters by simply checking a check box.
  • Create & set Port ACLs : In this video tutorial, you will see the how Port ACLs help you control the network traffic going in/out of your datacenter and will learn how you can create and set Port ACLs in VMM 2016. Port ACL serves as a collection of access control entries or ACL rules. An ACL can be attached to any number (zero or more) of VMM networking primitives, such as a VM network, VM subnet, virtual network adapter, or the VMM management server itself. An ACL can contain any number (zero or more) of ACL rules. Each compatible VMM networking primitive (VM network, VM subnet, virtual network adapter, or VMM management server) can have either one port ACL attached or none.
  • Cluster Rolling Upgrade : Using Cluster Rolling Upgrade functionality in SCVMM 2016, you can now upgrade your Windows Server 2012 R2 clusters to Windows Server 2016 clusters with no downtime to running workloads. Watch this video to learn about the pre-requisites and the see how VMM automates the entire process of upgrading the nodes in the cluster.
  • Increase memory of a running VM : With VMM 2016, you can now modify the memory configuration of a running VM that uses static memory. This functionality helps in eliminating downtime to running workloads due to memory reconfiguration. You can increase or decrease the memory allocation, or switch the virtual machine to dynamic memory. Watch this video to see how it can be done in VMM 2016.
  • Create & set Storage QoS : With VMM 2016 you can set the quality of service (min or max IOPS, max bandwidth) for virtual machine storage so that applications running on the VMs receive the performance they require. This video tutorial provides a walkthrough of how you can create & set Storage Quality of Service policies in VMM 2016 which help you avoid noisy neighbor problems in your workloads.
  • Bare Metal Deployment of Nano Server : With System Center 2016 Virtual Machine Manager you can now provision bare metal machines to Nano Server-based hosts/clusters. The Nano Server-based operating system deployment is very similar to a Full Server deployment. Watch this video tutorial to learn how you can do it in VMM 2016.
  • Creating a Shielded VM using System Center 2016 Virtual Machine Manager (VMM) : In this video, you will see the new Shielded VM feature. You can see how to create a shielded using System Center 2016 Virtual Machine Manager (VMM) and how data at rest or in transit, cannot be snooped or tampered by malicious fabric admins.

Ashish Mehndi | Senior Program Manager | Microsoft

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