System Center Virtual Machine Manager 1807 is released! Here is a quick overview

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First published on TECHNET on Jul 31, 2018
System Center 1807 announcement is available here .

What’s new in System Center Virtual Machine Manager 1807 is available here .

How to Upgrade to System Center Virtual Machine Manager 1807 is available here .

The content in this blog describes the new features and scenarios enabled in System Center Virtual Machine Manager 1807

Users can change VHD placement location

VMM 1807 release enables users to select any CSV for placement of a new disc. In the earlier versions of VMM, a new disc on a VM would be placed by default on the same CSV as the earlier VHDs associated with the VM. Users were not given the flexibility to choose a different CSV / folder. In case of issues related to CSV storage getting full or over commitment, users had to migrate VHD after deploying it.

With VMM 1807, users can choose any location for placement of new disc, giving users more flexibility to deploy new discs based on storage availability of CSVs.

LLDP information of networking devices displayed

The new 1807 version of VMM supports Link Layer Discovery Protocol (LLDP) and users will now be able to see their Network device properties and capabilities information of their hosts from VMM. DataCenterBridging and DataCenterBridging-LLDP-Tools features have been enabled on hosts to fetch LLDP properties.  Host OS must be 2016 or newer.

Users can leverage this functionality to remotely monitor physical network device properties and information. LLDP information displayed in VMM Console is below:

Information displayed Description
Chassis ID Switch Chassis ID
Port ID Switch port to which NIC connected
Port Description Details related to port (Type etc)
System Name Manufacturer, Software version details
System Description Detailed system description
Available Capabilities Available system capabilities (switching, routing etc)
Enabled Capabilities Enabled system capabilities (switching, routing etc)
VLAN ID Virtual LAN identifier
Management Address IP Management Address

Convert SET switch to Logical Switch

With SCVMM 1807 releases it is now possible to convert a SET switch to logical switch from the console. In earlier versions of SCVMM, users had to run a specific power shell script to achieve this conversion but is now possible through VMM console. To know more

VMware host management

SCVMM now supports management of VMware ESXi 6.5 version servers in VMM fabric. This provides admins flexibility to manage multiple hypervisors using SCVMM.

Patch and Update supported for S2D clusters

SCVMM 1807 supports update of a S2D host or cluster. Individual S2D hosts or clusters can be updated against baselines configured in WSUS server. For S2D clusters, users can check compliance and remediate hosts within the cluster.

- Srividya Varanasi, Sr. Program Manager

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