System Center Service Manager 2010 Unleashed Book Now Available

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First published on TECHNET on Aug 31, 2011

A while back we announced that a book was being written about Service Manager called System Center Service Manager 2010 Unleashed as part of the very popular Unleashed series of books from Sams Publishing.  That book is now published and available for purchase!  I can shamelessly promote this book because I was just a “contributor” to the book as an author of two of the chapters (Management Packs and Security) and the Foreword.  As such my income from the book is fixed (and small), so I don’t feel bad promoting it to you all as the BEST book about System Center Service Manager 2010.  OK – it’s the ONLY book too, but still…

The authors of this book are System Center MVPs and some of the most knowledgeable people on the planet about ITIL/MOF and SCSM.  I’m sure you will recognize their names on the cover:

  • Kerrie Meyler – author of many System Center Unleashed books and MVP
  • Alexandre Verkinderen – MVP
  • Anders Bengtsson – former MVP and now Microsoft PFE, author of System Center blog
  • Patrik Sundqvist – SCSM ninja and author of System Center blog and founder of GridPro and creator of WebFront , a web console for SCSM.
  • David Pultorak – Author of ITIL/MOF books and Founder of Acceleres (a leading SCSM implementation partner) and Pultorak and Associates (a leading ITIL/MOF process consultancy)
  • Kurt Van Hoecke  - Consultant and author of Belgium Service Manager Blog .
  • Travis Wright – some guy we found on the street
  • Maarten Goet – MVP and founder of Inovativ (a leading System Center implementation partner in Europe)
  • Oskar Landman – MVP

This was the first book I have written and let me tell you it’s not an easy process.  In a lot of ways it is like building a software product – defining requirements (table of contents), prioritizing features (chapters), cutting things that you just don’t have time to do and that are lower priority (a chapter on the self-service portal was painful to cut), setting up a development and test lab, finding and fixing bugs (editing), and finally releasing and celebrating!   Then you sit back and hope that people like what you have created…  I hope you like the book.  So far we have 1 review on Amazon – 5 stars! (Thanks Mickey! )

In my opinion it is the best $26 – $36 a SCSM administrator or consultant will ever spend.  It will save you countless hours of banging your head against the wall.  And don’t worry that the SCSM 2012 book is right around the corner.  This book is well worth the investment just by itself and then you can pick up the new content in the SCSM 2012 book when it comes out.

Thanks to all the authors.  It was a pleasure working with you.  I look forward to the SCSM 2012 Unleashed book after I take a breather from writing this book.

There is just something about having a book about a product that makes it seem more legitimate.  Now that Service Manager 2010 has been in market for a year and a half, has a book about it, and the next version is right around the corner, I’d say SCSM is here to stay!

You can order the book from Amazon in either the good old fashioned doorstop version or the Kindle version.

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