Suppressing Duplicate SCSM Workflow Monitoring Alerts/Health State Changes in SCOM

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First published on TECHNET on Sep 12, 2011

Below is a blog post from one of our developers Subha Nellaiyappan.  Thanks for writing this up Subha!


Scoping Overrides to a Group

Currently we have a workflows availability monitor for all SM servers which indicates whether or not a workflow is healthy. By default, this monitor is enabled for both primary and secondary servers. In the case when a particular workflow is not healthy, there is an alert raised for each of these servers. With many secondary servers in picture, there will be additional duplicate alerts raised and ideally it will be good to have just one for the issue. This can be accomplished by, overriding/disabling the workflows availability for some servers, in this case the secondary servers.

Both primary and secondary servers show a warning for the same issue.

Please follow the step-by-step procedure listed below to create a group, create an override for a monitor and scope the override to the group.

Create group and add members

a) Pick Authoring->Groups in the Operations Manager console.

b) Select “Create New Group” on the right.

c) Choose a name and any unsealed management pack the group needs to be created in. You can also create a new management pack by selecting “New”.

d) Under “Explicit members”, choose “SCSM Management Server” as the class, hit “Search”, pick the secondary (non-workflow) servers and hit “Ok”.

e) Click “Next” for all other tabs.

f) Group gets created, example: “SmSecondaryServers” in management pack “TestMP”.

Create override

a) Pick Authoring->ManagementPackObjects->Monitors.

b) Choose “Change Scope” and scope to class “SCSM Management Server”. Note: This is the class for which the group was created.

c) Expand SCSM Management Server->EntiryHealth->Availability->Workflows Availability.

d) Under Overrides tab, choose parameter “Enabled” and set it’s ‘Override Value” to false.

e) Apply the override.

Now if you look at the Application Diagram, the secondary server shows up as healthy as the workflows availability monitor for it is no longer active as shown below in its health explorer.

Monitor disabled on one of the servers

Please note that the alert related to this server will still be active unless closed manually. Even if it is a self-resolving alert, since the monitor related to it is no longer active, it cannot get resolved automatically. No future workflow related alerts will be fired for this server unless the override is disabled.

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