Service Provider Foundation, URLs for testing that it's up and running after installation

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First published on TECHNET on Feb 08, 2013
So John Messec and I were delivering our session at Tech Ready 16 yesterday (SCIM351 - Enabling Hosted IaaS Clouds for Service Providers, big shout out and my thanks to all who attended) and I was asked to put out a quick blog post showing the URLs that I used in my first demo to test that SPF is up, running, and responsive.  In the first part of my demo I used Internet Explorer to hit the web service endpoint, starting with following:

https://<server>:8090/SC2012/VMM/Microsoft.Management.Odata.svc/ (obviously you'll want to put a real server name in there).

That will bring back a list of all objects that the SPF web service knows about (clouds, VMs, etc.) but without their properties listed.

Next, you can select a specific object like this:


That will bring back a list of the VMs and all their related properties.  Going further, you can select a subset of properties by explicitly stating them on the URL like this:

https://<server>:8090/SC2012/VMM/Microsoft.Management.Odata.svc/VirtualMachines?$select=Name, CPUCount, Memory, OperatingSystem

With this last example, you can also then take it into Excel (something we also do in our demos) and use Excel's ability to talk to OData endpoints to pull object properties back into a structured table representation in the worksheet.  I've always thought this was a pretty cool piece to demo.

It's also worth your time to hit and learn the syntax a bit, especially "filter=" and how to do OData's equivalent of the WHERE clause.

It's amazing to me how many people travel all the way to Seattle for Tech Ready.  Tech Ready is probably my favorite conference, and I'm a Seattle native so I think the city is the bomb, but still, my hat's off to all of you who sit 10-15 hours on a plane each way to participate.  Great seeing/meeting you all, my best wishes for safe and easy trips home!

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