SC 2016 DPM UR4: Migrate Backup Storage in 3 simple steps
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First published on TECHNET on Oct 24, 2017
SC 2016 Data Protection Manager (SC DPM) is an enterprise backup solution, which gives you the ability to backup workloads as SQL, SharePoint, Exchange, System State, Files and Folders, Hyper-V & VMWare VMs, and Clients. These backups can be stored on disks for short term, and sent to Azure for your Long Term Retention and Offsite copy requirements . With Modern Backup Storage , you can achieve upto 50% storage savings, 3x faster backups, and efficient backup storage utilization .

Now, with Backup Storage Migration in SC 2016 DPM UR4 , you can move your backups on-permises for more optimised storage management. For example, during storage upgrade, you can move certain datasources like frequently backed up SQL DBs to higher performant storage to achieve better results. You can also move your datasources to other volumes when a volume is getting filled and cannot be extended.

How to migrate backups

Backup Storage can be migrated in 3 simple steps:

  1. In the “ Protection ” tab in the UI, select the workload you wish to migrate, and click on “ Move Disk Storage

  2. This will bring a pop up, specifying the current volume the datsource is on, and the volumes it can be migrated to. Select the target volume and click “OK”.

  3. This will begin the migration process. For monitoring scheduled jobs, you can open another DPM console parallelly while the migration is in progress.

Here is an example of achieving the same using PowerShell:

Create a modifiable Protection Group the of the PG the datasource is in.
$pg = Get-DPMProtectionGroup
$mpg = Get-DPMModifiableProtectionGroup $pg[0]
Get the datasource you wish to migrate, and the volume you wish to migrate it to.
$ds = Get-DPMDatasource $mpg
$vols = Get-DPMDiskStorage -Volumes
Modify the disk allocation for the datasource, and save the PG.
Set-DPMDatasourceDiskAllocation -ProtectionGroup $mpg -Datasource $ds[0] -TargetStorage $vols[0] -MigrateDatasourceDataFromDPM
Set-ProtectionGroup $mpg
These steps enable you to have more control over your storage while giving you the freedom to balance storage utilization across volumes.

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