Removing the Sample Incident Management Configuration – Support Tiers 1, 2, 3

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First published on TECHNET on May 09, 2012

This is a guest blog post from Sam Erskin (NN4 Consultants), one of our outstanding community contributors and “ MP XML guru” Dieter Gasser (Syliance IT Services).  Thanks for sharing guys!


The default installation of SCSM is configured with sample names for the incident management views and lists. Most organizations have support groups with names personalized to their naming standards. Additionally the icons used in the sample configuration and the support folder are not available for views and folder created using the SCSM console (without XML editing).

Here is a process and steps to remove the sample configuration.

Incident Templates Modification

A number of the default templates are configured to use the Tier 1 support group. You must either delete the templates or edit the support group field using these steps.

SCSM Console |Library |Templates |filter by incident

Select a template |Properties |Ensure When I click OK, open the template form is ticked |Click OK

Delete the Entry in the Support group field

Click OK

Repeat for all Incident Templates with the support group field populated

High Priority Incident Template

Default Incident Template

Software Issue Template

Printing Issue Template

Hardware Issue Template

Networking Issue Template

Delete Incident Support Group Views

The next step is to delete the sample support group views.

SCSM Console | Work Items |Incident Management

Expand Incident Support Group

Select Tier 1 Open Incidents |Delete |Yes to the dialog

Repeat for the rest of the Tier x views

Remove the Incident Support Group folder

SCSM console |Administration |Management Packs

Select the unsealed management Pack : Service Manager Incident Management Configuration Library |Export

Browse to a destination folder for Example D:\ManagementPacks\Export |OK

Keep a copy of the original exported MP as a backup before proceeding with the next step!!!

Open the exported Management pack with an XML editor (For Example Notepad++)

Search for “ServiceManager.Console.IncidentManagement.TierQueues.Folder”

First occurrence will be a Category tag: <Category ID="ServiceManager.Console.IncidentManagement.TierQueuesFolder.Category" Target="ServiceManager.Console.IncidentManagement.TierQueues.Folder" Value="Incident!ServiceManager.IncidentManagement.TierQueuesFolderTasks" />

Delete it. From <Category … />

Continue search. Next occurrence will be a Folder tag. Delete it, including the parent Folders tag.

* <Folders>

* <Folder ID="ServiceManager.Console.IncidentManagement.TierQueues.Folder" Accessibility="Public" ParentFolder="Incident!ServiceManager.Console.IncidentManagement" />

* </Folders>

Continue search. Next occurrence will be a FolderItem tag. Delete it.

<FolderItem ElementID="SMConsole!Microsoft.EnterpriseManagement.ServiceManager.UI.Console.Task.CreateGridView" ID="ServiceManager.Console.IncidentManagement.FolderItem.CreateTierView" Folder="ServiceManager.Console.IncidentManagement.TierQueues.Folder" />

Continue search. Next occurrence will be a ImageReference tag. Delete it.

<ImageReference ElementID="ServiceManager.Console.IncidentManagement.TierQueues.Folder" ImageID="Incident!Wunderbar_IncidentManagement_16" />

Continue search. Next occurrence will be another ImageReference tag. Delete it.

<ImageReference ElementID="ServiceManager.Console.IncidentManagement.TierQueues.Folder" ImageID="Incident!Wunderbar_IncidentManagement_24" />

Continue search. Next occurrence will be a DisplayString tag. Delete it

<DisplayString ElementID="ServiceManager.Console.IncidentManagement.TierQueues.Folder">

<Name>Incident Support Group</Name>

<Description>Contains Incident Management support group views</Description>


Continue search and delete all remaining DisplayString tags that are found.

This would be in all the other languages supported by SCSM

Save XML

Import the modified MP into SCSM |SCSM Console |Administration | Management Packs |Import

There is a warning message because you will be overwriting an existing MP. Click Import

Close the SCSM Console and Re-open to validate

Remove the List items from the Incident Tier Queue (Support Group)

SCSM console |Library |Lists |Incident Tier Queue

Double Click to Edit

Select Tier 1 |Click Delete

Repeat for Tier 2 and Tier 3


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