Remote Agent Prerequisite Checker Tool For OpsMgr 2007

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First published on TECHNET on Nov 19, 2007

With the help of one of my colleagues we have put together a remote agent prerequisite checker tool for OpsMgr 2007. This tool is the command line version of the MOMNetCheck tool we shipped with MOM 2005 resource kit. The new tool allows you to specify multiple computer names to run the check against and accounts for the new prerequisites required by the OpsMgr 2007 agents such as MSXML 6. Instruction on how to use this tool is available in the readme that is part of the attached zipped file. You need .NetFramework 2.0 to run the tool, you need to have permissions to access remote registry on the remote servers and you need to copy the tool down locally before you can run it.

Enjoy and Happy Thanksgiving!!!

- Satya

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