Preview release of the Management Pack for Windows Azure Fabric now available
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First published on TECHNET on Apr 11, 2013
Hi, we are excited to announce the preview of the Management Pack for Windows Azure Fabric. This Management Pack enables you to monitor the availability and performance of Azure fabric resources that are running on Windows Azure.

You will find the preview Management Pack as well as the draft documentation (MP Guide) on the Microsoft Download Center .

Note that this is a completely new Management Pack that does not upgrade the previous Azure Management Pack. Note also that this Management Pack requires System Center Operations Manager 2012 SP1 or later. This Management Pack is currently not supported in production environments.

The following monitoring scenarios are covered by the Management Pack

Monitoring scenario


Associated rules and monitors

Role Instance Availability and Status

This scenario monitors the role
instance health of each role instance as reported by Windows Azure

  • Windows Azure Role Instance Status Monitor

Role Instance Performance

This scenario monitors the CPU and
Memory utilization of each role instance

  • Available Megabytes
    of Memory
  • Total CPU Utilization

Scale up/down

This scenario enables you to scale up
or down the number of role instances per role, by using a task

  • Change number of role
    instances (task on the Role)

Virtual Machine Availability and Status

This scenario monitors the role
instance health of each Virtual Machine instance as reported by Windows Azure

  • Virtual Machine Status

Storage Availability

This scenario monitors the availability
of the Storage Account endpoint

  • Storage Account
    Availability Monitor

Storage Size

This scenario monitors the size of the
storage account and optionally alerts if the size of the storage account is too large

  • Storage Account Size

Topology Dashboard

This scenario allows you to see how
your monitored resources are related to each other

  • Topology dashboard
  • Service Vicinity dashboard

Certificate health

This scenario monitors certificate expiration of management and cloud service certificates and alerts if the certificates are about to expire

  • Windows Azure
    Subscription Certificate Expiration Monitor
  • Windows Azure Hosted Service Certificate Expiration Monitor

Hybrid Application definition and

This scenario allows you to model a
hybrid application using a new Distributed Application template and track availability and capacity of the application using provided dashboards

  • Distributed Application template
  • Availability dashboard
  • Cloud Service capacity dashboard

Submitting feedback

You can submit feedback by sending mail directly to akep at Microsoft dot com. You can also submit feedback by commenting on this blog post.

We are looking forward to your feedback on this Management Pack.

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