Partner Demo: Cased Dimensions Service Level Management
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First published on TECHNET on Feb 08, 2011
Cased Dimensions, a Microsoft partner that offers a SLA management solution on top of Service Manager released their management pack awhile back .  Since then it has seen some additional improvements and new features.  They have put together a demo video so everyone can see what it does at a glance.

Cased Dimension’s solution extends Service Manager to add more comprehensive support for service level management.  They have support for all types of work items, not just incidents.  You can specify business hours and holidays.  You can specify different SLAs by creating criteria by which to apply the SLAs to incidents such as those incidents which are ‘Priority less than 3’.  A more recent feature they have added is the ability to weight specific users so that they have a modified SLA target.  For example – if the target resolution time is normally 20 minutes, you could weight an executive at 50% of target so that the target resolution time would be 10 minutes.

This is really a fantastic solution and is a great addition on top of the relatively basic SLA management capabilities SCSM offers out of the box.  Please enjoy this new demo video!

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