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First published on TECHNET on Sep 01, 2010
Adam Hall over on the Opalis blog has listed out the activities that will come in the upcoming SCSM Integration Pack in the 6.3 release of Opalis later this year.

As you can see below we have provided some generic activities that allow you to manipulate any kind of object in the model such as Create Object, Create Relationship, Get Object, Get Relationship, etc.  and some activities which are specific to some of the solutions such as Create Incident with Template, Get Activity, Update Activity.

*Note that the information in this article is based on the Beta of this Integration Pack and is subject to change.  This information will be refreshed when the Integration Pack is RTM.

The table below explains the Activities that are available with the new Opalis 6.3 Integration Pack for Service Manager.


Create Change With Template
The Create Change from Template object is used to configure a change record, based on a selected template. The template must exist prior to using it in a Create Change policy.

Create Object
The Create Object is used to create a new Service Manager record associated with a specified class. This activity includes support for incidents and changes.

Create Incident With Template
The Create Incident with Template object is used to create a new Incident from an Incident Template. You have the option to overwrite Template values with existing Incident values or apply Template values.

Create Related Object
The Create Related Object is used to create a new Service Manager object that is related to other existing objects, either by membership or by a hosted relationship.

Create Relationship
The Create Relationship object is used to create a relationship between two existing entities. For example, you can create a one-to-many relationship between Incidents and Customers.

Delete Relationship
The Delete Relationship object is used to remove an existing Relationship between two entities.

Get Activity
The Get Activity object is used to query for activity records for the selected Activity Class.

Get Object
The Get Object is used to query for a record based on a set of filter criteria. The Get Object supports generic activity including support for incidents, changes, and activities.

Get Relationship
The Get Relationship is used to generate a list of related objects associated with a source object based on relationship criteria that you specify.

Monitor Object
The Monitor Object uses filter criteria to look for new and updated records that satisfy the criteria that you specify. Only one monitor can be used in a workflow.

Update Activity
The Update Activity object is used to make changes to activity records for the selected Activity Class.

Update Object
The Update Object is used to change the values of one or more properties in an existing Object.

I’ve seen some really cool demos of using SCSM and Opalis together using the pre-release version of this integration pack.  Can’t wait to start showing you more of this goodness!

Also, if you didn't already see it Adam also wrote a good blog post about how SCSM and Opalis are different and how they work together here .

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