Multi-homing agents to OMS
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First published on TECHNET on Nov 17, 2015

A question we’ve heard often from OMS customers is “How can I connect an agent to multiple OMS workspaces?” We call this capability “Multi-homing” and today this is possible by connecting different SCOM Management Groups to different OMS workspaces.

To understand the value of multi-homing agents, think about the different teams that use computers you are managing. If you have several teams using overlapping resources - but you still want to compartmentalize data & analysis by teams –multi-homing may be a good approach for you.

Since you can determine the level of log collection per workspace, you can use workspaces to separate the information you get from your agents. This way you can keep everything within the context of that team/workspace.  You could setup one workspace to collect only security logs, while another workspace collects much more. It’s the same agents in the background, but each workspace provides a unique view into them.

Connect one agent to two OMS-connected SCOM Management Groups

Summary: Add one or more agents to two different SCOM Management Groups, then connect each of these Management Groups to two different OMS workspaces.

Note: This option does not support the “Configuration Assessment” OMS solution.

  1. Ensure that the agent(s) you want to multi home are part of ManagementGroup1 and Management Group 2

    1. Click here for more information on Multihoming agents in SCOM

  2. Connect Management Group 1 to OMS Workspace 1

    1. Click here for more information on Connecting SCOM to OMS

  3. Connect Management Group 2 to OMS Workspace

As a next step, we are looking to enable Direct Agents to connect/multi-home to multiple workspaces. If more options for multi-homing are important to you, don’t forget to submit & vote for these ideas in our User Voice forums !

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