How To: Migrate VMs to Hyper-V
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First published on TECHNET on Feb 10, 2009
Have you ever gone looking for one thing only to find something else totally unrelated but really cool?  Kinda like when you're cleaning out your closet and accidentally stumble across that $50 gift card you got last Christmas but forgot about?  Man, that's a good feeling.  And while what I found yesterday isn't quite as cool as free money it's close.  I don't even remember what it was I was looking for but I came across a bunch of great links over on one of our TechNet sites that will help you do all kinds of great stuff when it comes to migrating to Hyper-V (and SCVMM).  There are utilities, scripts, and a whole lot more.  I have the list below but you can find the original page here .

It looks like the original list was put together by one of our moderators who goes by tonysoper so I can't take any of the credit for putting this together, but if you have any feedback I'm sure it would be appreciated.

One a related note, mikekol just posted a link to his Windows Image to Virtual Hard Disk Converter (WIM2VHD) over on his blog .  WIM2VHD is a tool that will create a bootable VHD from a specified Windows 7 or 2008 R2 WIM image (like the INSTALL.WIM file that ships on the installation DVDs) without having to run Windows Setup. And of course, like Mike says, while the underlying process of creating the VHDs is supported by Microsoft, WIM2VHD is not, but I think you'll like it and find it super helpful all the same.  You can find his original post at .


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