Help Wanted: Please Give Feedback on System Center Orchestrator & Azure Automation Futures
Published Feb 15 2019 11:44 PM 197 Views
First published on TECHNET on Dec 12, 2014
I'm back with another call for feedback, this time on the topic of automation.  As you are probably aware, the engineering team you originally knew as System Center Orchestrator (SCO) is also responsible for Service Management Automation (SMA) in Windows Azure Pack (WAP) as well as Azure Automation in Microsoft Azure.  Despite how it looks, we actually don't need feedback on branding consolidation (we know, we're working on it).

We do need input from you all about how you use or would like to use automation to: provision infrastructure; automatically troubleshoot and remediate problems; automate across disparate environments/clouds.  We're also looking for input on things that accelerate adoption like graphical authoring, migration tools, plus gallery content (reusable automation) and the automation community/ecosystem.

Your participation would start by filling out a short survey to get on our list of people we can talk to:

Starting in early January we'll be setting up a series of 1-hour calls with people who've offered to help.

I want to thank you in advance for stepping up to help us shape the future of System Center's automation technology.

Talk to you in January, and have a happy and safe end to 2014.


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