Getting a List of Connected Users
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First published on TECHNET on Feb 01, 2010
One of the questions I often get is “How can I tell which users are currently connected to the Service Manager Data Access Service?” or “How can I tell how many people are connected to Service Manager?”

We have a method on the Service Manager SDK which will tell you which users have a connection to the Service Manager Data Access Service called GetConnectedUsers().  This method will return a IList of user names.

To provide a handy tool for people and demonstrate how this works I’ve created a simple console application that basically connects to Service Manager, calls this method, and outputs the list of user names to the standard out:

EnterpriseManagementGroup emo = new EnterpriseManagementGroup(strManagementServer);

foreach (String strIUserName in emo.GetConnectedUserNames())




I added support for passing the server name you want to connect to as a parameter like this:

GetConnectedUsers.exe –Server myservername

If you don’t pass a –Server parameter it will assume that you want to connect to ‘localhost’.

I’ve put the tool and source code up on the SkyDrive:

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