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First published on TECHNET on Oct 08, 2015

by Lisa Guthrie - Microsoft Support Engineering

If you’ve ever called Microsoft Support to work on an issue on one of your servers, you probably had to send some sort of data to the support professional working your case. Perhaps some event logs, web server logs, a list of patches installed… the list goes on and on.
Gathering this data (especially if you have to do it across multiple machines in your enterprise), sending it to Microsoft, and getting it analyzed can take time. And if your server is down or experiencing a critical issue, time is not your friend.
Enter a cool new feature of Operations Management Suite: You can now choose to add one or more Microsoft Support users to any of your workspaces. The user(s) you add will immediately see the same dashboard and the same data that you see. No gathering. No uploading. No waiting!
To get started, simply go to the Accounts tab of the Settings page in OMS, and choose the Microsoft Support radio button. Then enter the email address of the support professional who you wish to add to your workspace.

A pop-up will appear explaining more about the access provided to the Microsoft Support user, and asking you to confirm that you want to add this access. You must click Yes to add the user.

Once confirmed, the Microsoft Support user will appear on your Manage Users screen.

The Microsoft support user will immediately have read-only access to your OMS dashboard and all the data in your OMS workspace. If you upload new data, the support user will be able to see that data as soon as it’s available.
You can remove the Microsoft support user manually at any time by clicking the blue “X”. In addition, the support user’s access will expire automatically after 7 days.
We hope this feature helps you get back to business faster than ever. Try it out on your next support case!


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