Demo: Automating Service Request Fulfillment from the SCSM Service Catalog with Orchestrator
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First published on TECHNET on Nov 09, 2011
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Nobody wants to be the poor guy that has to fulfill the routine service requests manually.  Service requestors don’t want to wait for the person behind the scenes to get around to working on their requests.  Manual fulfillment of service requests is slow, prone to error, and not cost effective.

That’s where the power of SCSM-Orchestrator integration comes in to automate those routine requests.

This is a tutorial video showing how to set up an Orchestrator runbook to do something automatically and then include that runbook as an automated step in the process of a service request that is published the the Service Catalog as a request offering.

I’ll follow up this video with some more “real world” scenarios in a separate demo video/blog post.  Definitely watch this video in HD and full screen to get the full effect!

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