Create your own fields in OMS with Custom Fields!
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First published on TECHNET on Aug 18, 2015

We’re happy to announce the preview of OMS's Custom Field feature! Custom Fields will allow users to create a new searchable field from their data that is already within OMS. This feature utilizes FlashExtract , a program-synthesis technology developed by Microsoft Research, to extract the fields you teach it to recognize. For instance, I’m getting the following message from my Service Control Manager’s event log:

I can use Custom Fields to extract the service name from that message as a new field I'll call ‘Service_CF’

Now ‘Service_CF’ is a searchable field which I can use to aggregate & group data to produce new insights like ‘which service is changing state the most'!

Get started with Custom Fields

1. Use the new context menu option to “Extract fields” to begin creating custom fields.

2. Use the check boxes to filter for the ‘condition’ under which the custom field should be extracted.

3. Highlight the text you are interested in to create a new field.

4. Review the sample results.

5. Provide additional examples where needed.

If you see a highlights that is incorrect and needs to be edited, use the button next to it to add that result to the list of examples and correct the bad highlight. If you see highlights that should be ignored, use the button to remove them.

Note: Providing additional examples using the button instead of removing incorrect ones using the button helps OMS extract your custom field better.

6. Once you like the results you see, use the button to save your changes. Provided new data is being uploaded, you should see values for your new custom field within a couple of minutes. Custom Fields are only applied to new data that comes into OMS, not data that is already present.

Let us know what you think with the Feedback Button or mail to !

We’re very excited to bring you the next step towards our vision of enabling you to create your own Solution Pack in OMS. Please stay tuned to future updates for more features that lead us towards enabling this story for you!


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