Channel 9 Interview on Service Delivery and Automation at MMS
Published Feb 15 2019 12:24 PM 177 Views
First published on TECHNET on May 09, 2012

OK – this is more just about comedic relief here. You know how it’s always embarrassing/awkward to hear your voice on an audio recording (“I sound like that ?”) ?  Well, it’s even worse watching yourself on a video recording.

Symon Perriman, a Microsoft Technical Evangelist for IT pros, interviewed me at MMS for Channel 9.  Anybody already reading this blog probably knows everything that I talk about in this video, but it’s fun just to watch anyway.  We had to do about 12 different takes of the demo part because of microphone problems.

Enjoy laughing at me being a cheeseball on TV!

You can also download it and take it with you on your smartphone for whenever you need a little comedic uplift on the go.

Hint: Watch my phone (Nokia Lumia 900) on the table.  Now you see it.  Now you don’t. They thought that part of the mic problems was my phone.

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