Changing the Generic Request in portal to point to Service Request Template
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First published on TECHNET on Feb 13, 2012

In Service Catalog portal, the Create Generic Request button is wired to create an Incident.  Although you can modify the Generic Request Incident Request Offering, you cannot change the Generic Incident Request Template.

Customers have asked ability to change it so that the Create Request on the home page creates a Service Request instead of incident.  Though this is not possible in the UI, but it is possible to do with simple XML editing.

To make sure we are on the same page I am illustrating below the button I intend to change

Change the Create Request button to create a Service Request instead of Incident.

Step 0:  Save your original Service
Catalog Generic Incident Request

  • Export the Service Catalog Generic Incident Request management pack (Administration->Management Packs)

  • Save this file in case you want to restore the original Service Catalog Generic Incident Request

Step 1: Create a Service Request Template

  • Enter the details as shown below

  • Make sure you chose the Service Catalog Generic Incident Request as the Management Pack

  • Click OK and open the template

  • Enter the defaults as shown below [You can enter other defaults but I am sharing the screenshot of the defaults I entered so you can follow the blog post]

  • Save the Template

Step 2: Remove the mapped prompts for Generic Incident Request (EN)

  • The reason for this step is so that the Editing the MP becomes easier in Step 3.

  • Go to Library->Service Catalog->Published Request Offering

  • Open the Request Offering and go to User Prompts

  • Now delete all the User prompts – After deleting it should look like

  • Now save the Request Offering

Export the Service Catalog Generic Incident Management Pack

  • Go to Administration -> Management Packs

  • Search for Service Catalog Generic

  • Export the Service Catalog Generic Incident
    Request management pack

Step 3: Edit the Service Catalog Generic Incident Management Pack

  • Open the management pack with your favorite XML editor

  • Search for the Service Request you just created “My Generic Service Request”

  • Then copy the template ID for this Service Request – In this case it is: Template.cf7124c72be4425a9ef59c83ab1c7e39

  • Now we need to replace the Generic Incident Request Template with this GUID in the Request Offering

  • Search for  ID="ServiceManager.ServiceCatalog.GenericIncidentRequest.GenericRequestOffering.EN"

  • Replace the TargetTemplate="ServiceManager.ServiceCatalog.GenericIncidentRequest.Template With  TargetTemplate="Template.cf7124c72be4425a9ef59c83ab1c7e39"

    • Note: Don’t do Global Search and Replace , since there are multiple occurrences of ServiceManager.ServiceCatalog.GenericIncidentRequest.Template

    • We only want to do if for Request Offering ID

  • Here is the snippet what it should be after the above change

  • <RequestOffering ID="ServiceManager.ServiceCatalog.GenericIncidentRequest.GenericRequestOffering.EN" InstanceName="Generic Incident Request (EN)" Title="Generic Incident Request (EN)" BriefDescription="This request allows you to submit the incident" Overview="Please fill in the form below to
    submit your request" Status="System.Offering.StatusEnum.Published" TargetTemplate="Template.cf7124c72be4425a9ef59c83ab1c7e39">



    Id="00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000000" Ordinal="0" ReadOnly="false" Optional="false"


    <Dependencies />


    <AddressableOutput OutputName="Token: Portal User Name" OutputType="string"/>



    <Targets />





  • Save the MP

Step 4: Import the MP

  • Go to Administration-> Management Packs

  • Import the Management Pack that was saved in Step 3

  • The MP should import successfully but with warnings (Ignore the warnings)

  • Open the Request Offering (Library->Service Catalog->Published Request Offering)

  • You should now see that Request Offering is mapped to the Service Request Template

You are done

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