Cased Dimensions is offering Enterprise Email as a free give away for Service Manager

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First published on TECHNET on Apr 30, 2015

Cased Dimensions, if offering a free solution for Service Manager, which enables you to send emails from Incidents, Service Requests, Change Requests, Release Requests and Problems.

Great to see our partners develop and share such solutions.

In Cased Dimensions own words

Service Desk Analysts can send emails relating to any work item without having to leave SCSM. Analysts get an interface similar to Outlook from within SCSM. This ensures communications, work, tracking, Service Levels and process is all centralized within the Service Desk.

The benefits of using SCSM Enterprise Mail

  • Enable consistent and easy communications from Incident, Service Request, Change, Problem and Release
    Management from an Outlook like interface

  • Enhances relationship between service desk and other core business functions

  • Adoption is easy as email client is similar to Outlook Analysts can set a title for email

  • Analysts can add attachments to emails
    Templates make the email message to employees consistent and friendly

  • Associate related recipient or related Items to a work item

  • See emails for each ticket by user in Cased Dimensions Self-Service Portal

  • SCSM Enterprise Mail supports many languages when communicating to users

  • Automatically set Status of Work Item to “Pending User Input” when Communication is sent.

  • Automatically move Work Item to “Active” status when a user replies

  • Speed up Analysts in requesting information whilst Improving ITSM

See more at:

Make sure to stop by the Cased Dimensions booth (521) at Ignite for additional information.

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SCSM 2012 R2

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