Beta 2 Update Now Available for Download!
Published Feb 14 2019 10:21 PM 1,219 Views
First published on TECHNET on Nov 24, 2009
The Service Manager team is happy to announce that we have released an update to the Beta 2 called aptly ‘Beta 2 Update’. It is available to all of our public Beta customers on the Connect site. This build contains some important fixes we have done recently to support:

· our TAP customers going into production (we have quite a few in production already on this updated build!).

· the governance, risk, and compliance management pack which was recently announced and released .

· An update to the documentation.

· upgrade from Beta 2 Update onwards. Important note: only TAP customers in production are supported in their attempts to upgrade! We won’t be supporting any other attempts to upgrade, but you can try it and provide feedback. We are always glad to find out about bugs, but we may not necessarily fix them for upgrade depending on the situation. We really recommend a fresh install unless you are a TAP customer in production already and therefore really need to upgrade to preserve data. Update about the update: To clear up some confusion.... this Beta 2 Update build is the same build that was given only to TAP customers a few weeks back as the 'Beta 2 TAP Production Ready Build'.  For those TAP customers that have already installed the Beta 2 TAP build you dont need to download and install the Beta 2 Update because it is the same build.  We just decided to also make that build now publicly available.  Further, there is no upgrade from the original Beta 2 build to the Beta 2 Update build (for anyone, including TAP customers).  The upgradeability I'm referring to is for upgrade from Beta 2 Update to the next relased build (i.e. RC, RTM).  We will provide instructions on how to upgrade from the Beta 2 build to the next build when we release the next build.  Apologies for any confusion.

Note: Provance has also certified their current beta of their IT Asset Management MP with this Beta 2 Update build.

For any new installs of Service Manager, please use the Beta 2 Update build available from Connect. If you already have the original Beta 2 installed, you don’t necessarily need to uninstall and reinstall. The only difference between the builds is about 20-30 bug fixes.

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