Arabic Language Self-Service Portal Now Available from Partner expit

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First published on TECHNET on Apr 26, 2011

Quite a few customers have asked us over the last couple of years if we would localize Service Manager into Arabic.  Since Arabic is what is called a “bi-directional language” there is some significant additional work we would have to do in the infrastructure to support it besides just translating the text.  Despite the fact that Service Manager has not been translated into Arabic yet, there has been quite a bit of interest in Arabic-speaking countries.  In particular, customers would really like to at least have the self-service portal available in Arabic.  Oftentimes, the IT staff speaks another language such as English that can be used inside of the IT team but more commonly the end users only speak Arabic.

Fortunately, a new partner company expit from Kuwait has developed a version of the self-service portal localized into Arabic.  You can find out more about the solution on their Pinpoint page and by visiting their company website .

Here are some screenshots from the portal:

Nice work!  Thanks for putting this together.

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