Active Directory Management Pack Checklist
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First published on TECHNET on Jul 19, 2007
Pete Zerger (of System Center Forum ) sent us a checklist at to use while importing the Active Directory Management Pack. Obviously, you'll still want to read the Active Directory Management Pack Guide before importing the Management Pack, but this might be useful to jog your memory as you're going through the procedure.

Installation Checklist
c Import the Active Directory Server Pack
c Create a Management Pack in which to store customizations, such as overrides (for details on why, see this post )
c (Optional) Import the Active Directory Client Management Pack and override the AD Client Monitoring Discovery Rule
c Enable the Agent Proxy Setting on all Domain Controllers
c Configure an account for Replication Monitoring (associated with the Active Directory Management Pack Account Profile)
c Create a RunAs account and associate it with the AD MP Account Profile

Optional Configuration
c Configure the maximum time allowed for change to replicate across a forest
c Disable collection of warnings, performance data, and miscellaneous noncritical events to decrease network traffic
c Enable data collection for the Replication Latency Report
c Set parameters for tasks

Common Problems

  • Oomads not installed
  • Oomads 64-bit issues
  • Agent proxy settings enabled on all Domain Controllers
  • AD MP Account Profile Run As Account Password is not validated by the application when entered

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