Surface Hub 2 - Your device needs an update. Restarting to finish it up...


Has anyone seen this issue when a user clicks end session, it then prepares for the next session then a screen comes up "Your device needs an update.  Restarting to finish it up..." then it reboots.  It does this every single time someone clicks end session.  There are no updates to be done so not sure what's going on.  



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We just set up a Surface Hub 2 in our organization and we are experiencing the same exact issue! The device is totally up to date but ending a session causes it to reboot to install updates. @ShaunEDM 

@dorce370 while I'm not happy it's happening to you, I'm at least glad I'm not the only one.  Our device is only 6 months old and it's been doing it since day one.  We are setup with Teams Mode 1 as we tried Teams Mode 2 when we first got the device but that put it in an endless loop.  So Teams Mode 1 stays and works.  I'm hoping more people have this issue and while it's not preventing the use of the device, it's annoying and really shouldn't be happening.  An update is needed.

Sigh, we had the same issue with Teams Mode 2! I ended up having to Factory Reset the Hub in order to fix that issue and we are also currently using Teams Mode 1. I agree, it is annoying and hopefully an update will fix the issue. @SGuthrie 

@dorce370 I have the same problem in Teams Mode 2 - is there any solution for this other than factory resetting the unit as currently stuck in constant reboot cycle.

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This is a known issue, affecting some of the devices. There is a fix in the new Surface Hub Team 2020 update  which uses a different method of Teams configuration. This is currently in preview but we confirmed it fixes the issue.

In the meantime, the workaround is to either configure Teams Mode 2 via Intune or use Mode 1 instead.


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@Cezar Cretu Thank you for the reply Cezar, I don't have the device enrolled in Intune at the moment so I guess my only option is to factory reset the device to get it working again? It is currently constantly rebooting so I have no option to load a new package to force it into Teams mode 1

I'm afraid that is the only solution at this point.

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