Winning first place at Imagine Cup was just the beginning for these teams
Published Jan 08 2019 06:37 PM 1,155 Views
First published on MSDN on Jul 14, 2016

Virtual Dementia Experience team members Liam McGuire, Norman Wang, Chris Mackenzie and James Bonner face the judges in the 2015 Imagine Cup Championship.

We caught up with first-place teams from the 2015 Imagine Cup World Finals—eFitFashion, IzHard and Virtual Dementia—to see how their projects have evolved since their triumph last year.

They’ve been busy: one team’s project is about to launch as a full-fledged business. Another team has been working with NASA, and the third is preparing to ship their video game later this year.

To find out how the Imagine Cup World Finals experience shaped their lives, check out this feature story over on the Microsoft News Center .


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