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Hi, everyone! 


I'm Pablo Veramendi, Global Program Director for the new Microsoft Learn Student Ambassadors. Today, I’m thrilled to congratulate our first group of Student Ambassadors on their acceptance! I and the rest of the team are so excited to welcome you all, and we can’t wait to see where you take this opportunity. 


As Student Ambassadors, you’re in a unique position to solve real-world problems, establish yourselves as mentors and leaders in your communities, and amplify your impact. And now, your experience is fully online with support for students in virtual learning, making it easier than ever to build on your knowledge while you make a difference. Microsoft Learn is where everyone comes to learnand as Student Ambassadors, you’re everywhere, learning new skills and helping otherdo the same.  


You’re joining a global online network to collaborate with Leagues that are focused on specific issues and technologies that you’re passionate aboutYou’ll also be able to: 

  • Connect directly with experts and mentors at Microsoft. 
  • Learn the skills that will help you land your dream job. 
  • Earn recognition and build your reputation as a tech insider and leader.  
  • Pay it forward by sharing your expertise, creating opportunities for other students, and making meaningful progress on issues—not just locally, but globally. 


You and other university students who share your passion will contribute to creating the future that you want for your communities, yourselves, and the world.


Being a Student Ambassador also means being a mentor. It’s really fulfilling to help other students learn skills that will help them reach their career goals.  

Althani, Philippines 


Make a difference with like-minded peers from around the world 

Find your virtual community and make a real difference. The global community of Learn Student Ambassadors is at the heart of the program, and as a participant, you’re connected to them all on Microsoft Teams. Within that community, you’ll find Leagues—groups of students who are excited to apply their skills and make progress on a meaningful issue or technology like green techhealthcare, or AI. Then apply your League’s work to local and global challenges with opportunities like the Microsoft Imagine Cup and student hackathon events. 


Expand your impact and pay it forward. Build your reputation, résumé, and influence by creating and sharing your own videos and blog posts, which could be amplified through Microsoft social channels. Create opportunities for others by offering your guidance and encouraging them to learn and grow through opportunities like virtual coding boot camps. Provide your expertise to other students at your university and beyond who are interested in technology. And because Microsoft stands for empowering everyone on the planet to achieve more, you can proudly share your Learn Student Ambassadors affiliation on and off campus. 


Grow your skills and build your reputation as a tech insider 

Learn and grow on a guided path. Expand your skills at your own speed with online courses through Microsoft Learn, master a topic that you’re passionate about, and share that knowledge with other students. Earn a free certification by completing steps like a Microsoft Learn path, writing a blog post, or recording a video tutorial that helps others learn from your passion for technology. 


Make a name for yourself with support from Microsoft. Take advantage of unique access to Microsoft experts through the virtual community on Teams. They can offer remote mentorship, guide your League’s efforts, and provide opportunities for you to be part of the team while you prepare for graduation. These experts are also here to help you plan and run eventsincluding virtual live events. 


Score opportunities to attend Microsoft eventsAs a Learn Student Ambassador, you may be invited to join Microsoft at sponsored events onlineYou might even get a chance to share your knowledge at one of these events. For example, Microsoft Build 2020 included several Student Zone sessions that were led by Student Ambassadors. 


Become a leader in your local tech community and empower your peers 

Collaborate remotely and build your big dream. Learn Student Ambassadors get free access to best-in-class Microsoft 365 apps like PowerPoint and Excel, cloud services like OneDrive and Microsoft Teams, and all of the development tools in Visual Studio. As you achieve your milestones, you can use the Azure credit that comes with your Visual Studio Enterprise subscription to explore new services and build a proof of concept for your idea. 


Develop leadership skills and amplify your influence. Dive deep into organization, teamwork, public speaking, and social communication—leadership skills that set you up for success and influence throughout your life and career. Then amplify your influence by taking advantage of free tools offered by Microsoft technology partners. Use the built-in advanced image editing features of Techsmith Snagit screen capture software, and create polished, professional-looking videos using the Camtasia screen recorder and video editor. 


“The truth is, you don’t have to be an expert. What’s important is something that we all share: a passion for technology and passion for our community." 

—Sharif, Mexico 


Onward and upward 

I’m excited to see the impact our new Student Ambassadors will have across the globe. And for those of you who are passionate about using technology to make a difference and haven’t yet explored becoming a Student Ambassador, I hope you’ll consider joining us in the future. 


Find more information and learn how to apply 

Applications are open all year, and new students are accepted quarterly. Explore the program. 


I'm so excited to be a part of this, i can't wait fro all the magic i will be doing with with microsoft learn

So glad to be part of this amazing program . Excited for all the amazing experience ahead . 

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Very excited about the program :)

Established Member

Welcome to all our new fellow Student Ambassadors! I am glad to be part of this program and would love to collaborate with you. 



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So grateful to be part of this, glad to start this exciting journey!

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Pretty excited to be a part of a diversified community.

Occasional Visitor

Thank you so much for such an amazing opportunity!

Looking forward to learn,lead and empower my community.

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Hello, Pablo Veramendi, I am facing problem during On boarding. Please help 


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Hola a todos los nuevos Student Ambassadors ! Gracias Pablo Veramendi por brindar esta gran oportunidad para aprender y ganar experiencia.

Regular Visitor

It is a great honour to be a part of such a prestigious community. 

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Salam  I applied a few days ago  in which quarter I will lie? If Selected. and What is the selection criteria... Can anyone please help me?

Established Member

Hi @AyeshaArshad11 . Please, check your application status and if it doesn't appear as rejected, then you have until November 30th to keep making changes to it (if you want). I think the next cohort will be announced in early January.

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Hi@AkshaeyOfficial ! Please, send a mail to sa-help@microsoft.com with your problem so you can get support. Welcome to the team!

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Yes, @sharifnasser I tried that but not worked 

Occasional Visitor

hi my name is abel

I have a problem with the registration of my data

I don't know how to do the validation
help me

Established Member

@jairocallo99  Please, send a mail to sa-help@microsoft.com with your problem so you can get support. Welcome to the team!


If you're from Latin America, contact me sharifnasser@studentambassadors.com to get you in touch with the Latin community ;)


@AkshaeyOfficial I understand, please try to give it a little time, as it's probable that the operations team might be busy with the onboarding process of many new fellow Student Ambassadors like you. Please, don't be worried, as I'm sure they'll help you soon. If you want to be in touch, you can contact me too ;)


From a fellow Student Ambassador to another, welcome to the team! Congratulations!

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Yes, @sharif_nasser Lets wait for their reply

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I wish you the best of luck in your applications! I'll be glad to collaborate with you all in this program.

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Hi everyone!


I've been receiving questions about the application process, the program, and my experiences. Hoping to be helpful, here are my answer to the most common questions:


The program receives applications constantly and the cohort (and the decisions) are announced quarterly. The last cohort was announced on August 6th. The next deadline for receiving applications is November 30th, which announcement of decisions will be in (maybe early) January. Note: You can still make changes to your application until that deadline if you want.


Regarding the selection criteria, it is explained on the website. See this article and this FAQ page for more info.


Now - from my personal experience as Student Ambassador, and not speaking on behalf of the entire program nor Microsoft - I can tell you that they're not looking only for tech experts or completely made leaders, as the program is actually an opportunity for you to acquire the skills related to both goals.

"Some experience in coding or technology is helpful, but we have tools and resources to help you learn in the program."

What they are looking for, I quote:

"Students from all academic backgrounds who want to grow their career and tech skills while making a difference in their communities"

In my last interview, I said: “The truth is, you don’t have to be an expert. What’s important is something that we all share: a passion for technology and passion for our community." I am a witness that these promises are kept, as the program has helped me not only grow my technical skills but also acquire interpersonal skills and increase my impact in communities - inside and outside of my country. You can know more about my experiences on my LinkedIn profile, some are:

My recommendations for your application:

  • The questions included in the application form are very important. Take the time to create your best answers.
  • Be yourself.
  • Show that passion you have in your application, be it for technology in general, a specific technology, your community, teaching others, sharing with others, connecting with others... you name it. Also, you can mention what are your goals in becoming a Student Ambassador or what you want to accomplish in the program (for you and for your community).
  • Again, you don't have to be an expert. However, if you have past experience: perhaps you have made a blog/videos/tutorials, or you are part of a community, or you have created a community, or you have organized an event/conference/workshop, or any other experience that might showcase that passion of yours, you can mention it in your application.
  • Be creative.


More info about the program - everything is on the website:


PS: I invite my fellow Student Ambassador to add any other information or resource that might be of help as well :grinning_face:

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@sharif_nasser  I have the same problem too, I cant register my details at the "onboard" section during registration, I am just waiting them to resolve the problems as I have already send them emails of my situation. They opened an internal tickets for me too. Hopefully we can get good news in the upcoming days.

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I'm also facing some problem in completing my On-Boarding process for this cohort.
I've already sent an E-mail to sa-help@microsoft.com & waiting to hear from them.


I'm also facing some problem in completing my On-Boarding process for this cohort.
I've already sent an E-mail to sa-help@microsoft.com & waiting for their reply.


Senior Member

I followed all the steps, but still can't onboard. 

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Hello ,I am an international student in turkey , I want to ask if i can join Microsoft student ambassador program 


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Hello Everyone, Finally, my onboarding is complete

Occasional Visitor

I also followed all the steps, but still can't onboard, waiting for response and exited to be part of this wonderful community. :)

Regular Visitor

I am so grateful to have such a meaningful program!

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Congratulations, and Welcome to the new #MSFTLearnStudentAmbassadors 2021.

Complete your Learning path and Upgrade to Aplha.

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What will be the last date to submit the form??


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I've been waiting to be a member of this community, and I'm glad that i became one.

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This article was worth reading.

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I am completely new here. I found this page through one of my friends. Can anyone please guide me through what all needs to be done and not to become a Microsoft learn student ambassador. I just filled the credentials and created my profile. Also where do I upload my CV?

Occasional Visitor

Some criteria :-

• You be a under graduate

• You need to get admission in University with computer science, artificial intelligence, data science and many related course.



Thank you,

Microsoft Student Anand

Frequent Visitor

I have applied for the program on Jan 7  today I have received  message to check your application status

but still now I have'nt received any mail 


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