Student innovators and inventors—start here!
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There’s so much that you can do to help. What are you motivated to solve, now more than ever?


As members of the tech community, you’re innovators and inventors. As students, you see the world from a fresh perspective. And the projects that we saw at this year’s virtual Imagine Cup are proof that you’re connected to your communities and ready to rise to the challenge of meeting their needs.


You’ve already learned a lot. Keep going. We’re here—and there—with you.


Three ways to keep learning

Develop the skills that you’ll need, at your own pace, with free online courses. On the new Microsoft Learn for Students page, you’ll find courses and learning paths for every milestone along your journey. Here are a few places to start, depending on where you want to go.


1. Foundational learning paths

As with most things in life, starting on a solid foundation helps you build bigger and better. If you’re new to coding, then learning with Microsoft, one of the largest tech companies in the world, is a smart move. And although educators can use these foundational developer paths in the classroom, they’re designed so that students like you can work through them in your own space, at your own pace.

If AI development is in your future, you’ll need to know Python beyond the basics. Microsoft Learn has nearly 100 videos for you to explore through our Microsoft Developer YouTube channel, including the Python for Beginners and Even More Python for Beginners: Data Tools playlists. These short lessons help you learn enough Python to start building AI apps on Azure.


2. Free university classes in partnership with Microsoft

Carnegie Mellon University, the University of Oxford, and the University of California at Berkeley offer their most popular courses in data science, cloud development, and AI engineering to you for free through Microsoft Learn. If you’ve ever dreamed of learning at some of the most notable institutions in the world, take advantage of these partner courses:

3. New courses to help you make an impact

Students in our Microsoft community tend to work on solutions to problems that affect a lot of people and that generally concern the greater good. They’ve built a tool to help Parkinson’s patients save time and money on doctor appointments and technology that identifies deepfakes to protect the world from their harmful effects.


This new series of learning paths is designed to inspire and challenge students to build with social impact and responsibility in mind. For example, you can learn how to track global air quality with Azure Maps, help remote farmers protect their crops with weather alerts using Azure Functions, or analyze climate data with Azure Notebooks.


Focus on—and fight for—the future that you want

Whether you’re in a region that has opened up university campuses or you’re still taking classes from home, the thing to do is to keep learning. This is how we stay focused on the future—one made bright with your big ideas.


See everything that’s available on the Microsoft Learn for Students page.



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