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Sure, being a student comes with homework, exams, and other harsh realities. But while you’re in school, you also have a rare and beautiful gift: student discounts.


As the Audience Evangelism Manager on the Azure for Students team at Microsoft, Ryan Mendenhall knows all of the benefits that you have as a student.


Here’s a look at what’s out there and how to save on developer tools as a student.



You may already be using GitHub to store code, but there’s so much more to it—especially for students. If you haven’t already verified yourself as a student on GitHub yet, get started at GitHub Education.


Then check out the Student Developer Pack, which offers free access to more than 100 useful tools for managing domains, infrastructure, and mobile clients.


The pack helps you get your development career going by gathering a ton of great resources in one place. Did you know that you can get a 12-month subscription of Canva’s Pro tier design service? Or that you can register a free domain through You’ll also find tools that help you stay on task (PomoDone), engage your audience with interactive forms and quizzes (Typeform), and start building real-time games (Unity).


Microsoft Azure for Students

Whether you get it through GitHub or some other way, a free Azure for Students account helps you learn, grow, and build on the cloud. And it’s not just a few services, either. It’s the entire Azure platform, ready to support whatever you’re inspired to build.


Start exploring services with $100 in Azure credit and free software such as SQL Server 2019, Machine Learning Server, and Visual Studio. Plus, there’s a library of Quickstart templates to help you get up and running. These shortcuts help you condense the monotonous steps of a deployment and get straight to designing and building.


Microsoft Learn

And, of course, you have access to Microsoft Learn for Students. Explore hours of modules, courses, and paths to see where your imagination can take you. Practice the skills that will help you stand out. Build proofs of concept to show off your knowledge of new technologies. Earn certifications, connect with other students who share your interests, and feed your curiosity.


Get started

Verify your student status through GitHub Education


Explore the GitHub Student Developer Pack


Create a free Azure for Students account


Explore Microsoft Learn for Students

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