Microsoft Student Partners: Where Young Technologists Rule
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First published on MSDN on Jul 07, 2014
Microsoft Student Partners (MSP) is a program for university students worldwide who are passionate about technology and want to share that excitement on campus. MSPs are trained in the latest Microsoft technologies and use their expertise to build skills, ignite their careers, and inspire and mentor the next generation. The program gives students in more than 100 countries the opportunity to represent both their region and local campus as a Microsoft technology expert.

We connected with four Microsoft Student Partners from around the world to learn more about their experiences in the program and how Microsoft technologies have helped them develop skills and lay a foundation for future success.

Meet the Microsoft Student Partners

Jay Janarthanan

School: University of Auckland

Major(s): Finance and Computer Science (Two Degrees)

Ultimate Career Goal: I’d like to get into something involving both technology and the business side of things. Data Science sounds pretty interesting too – ideally at a tech giant like Microsoft!

Connect on Twitter: @jayjanarthanan

Enrique Fernandez Guerra

School: La Salle, Universitat Ramon Llull

Major(s): Audiovisual Telecommunications

Ultimate Career Goal: Pursue a career in engineering in Audiovisual Telecommunications.

Connect on Twitter: @CKGrafico

Sage Franch

School: Dalhousie University

Major(s): Computer Science

Ultimate Career Goal: To work in an inspiring environment that promotes innovation and plays a part in advancing the future of technology.

Connect on Twitter: @theTrendyTechie

Ramsey Khadder

School: University of Maryland

Major(s): Computer Science

Ultimate Career Goal: Have a critical role in a revolutionary software company.

Connect on Twitter: @rkhadder

How has the MSP program helped you in pursuing your career?

Jay: The MSP program teaches me valuable work skills that will help accelerate my IT career. The New Zealand IT community is tight-knit and small, and Microsoft involves us in many educational activities, such as TechEd. I’ve also had the opportunity to talk with a lot of IT professionals and meet amazing people doing amazing things. In the MSP role, I’ve formed strong industry connections and improved my presentation, networking, and teamwork skills.

Enrique : The MSP program connects me with Microsoft professionals who offer mentoring and share expertise that I can pass on to my university community. Through the program, I’ve been connected with career resources, participated in hackathons, and met other students who love technology. The MSP program also connected me with a mentor from the Most Valuable Professional (MVP) program who helps me with my classes.

Sage: Through the MSP program I had the opportunity to apply for a dream internship as a Technical Evangelist with Microsoft Canada. When I got the job, I was ecstatic because I was finally able to have a hands-on job doing what I love: developing and inspiring others to develop. While working at Microsoft, I felt like my voice was heard. Whether you're an intern or a manager, you can make a difference because Microsoft fosters a culture where individual opinions and ideas matter.

Ramsey: As a MSP, I was exposed to an amazing network of students and evangelists from all over the world who helped guide my career. I was able to create close connections with the other MSPs and evangelists and do things above and beyond the scope of the MSP job description.

We asked these technology experts which Microsoft solution is their favorite and why.

Jay: “My favorite Microsoft technology is Windows Phone. Windows Phone (especially with Cortana ) has become my personal sidekick. Like many students, I use my phone more than any other piece of technology. Microsoft has done a great job integrating the Windows Phone SDK into Visual Studio and providing excellent tutorials and documentation which make it easy to learn. Developing for Windows Phone was my introduction to .NET and it has allowed me to learn both front-end and back-end development while creating apps that will be used by thousands of people. It’s an amazing feeling seeing user stats and ad revenue flowing in while you’re learning, because it just motivates you to learn more, create more, and do more!”

Enrique: “I like and have found Windows 8 and Windows phone apps to be the most useful in my work as a JavaScript developer. Lately, I have been very excited about Windows Universal Apps because I can create native apps for mobile, tablet and computer using HTML5. Practicing and creating these apps has improved some of my skills like Design, UI and JavaScript.”

Sage: “My favorite Microsoft technology is Azure - the cloud is just fascinating! It's amazing to see the services Microsoft offers to cloud developers, like Mobile Services , which allows you to develop cross-platform apps for Windows 8, Windows Phone, HTML, and even iOS and Android. I love the flexibility of the cloud, and the sheer number of options available with Azure. Cloud computing has become a booming industry in recent years, and it can only increase from here. Learning the ins and outs of Microsoft Azure has not only given me valuable development experience, but has also set me up for success in this ever-increasingly cloud-based world.”

Ramsey: “My favorite Microsoft technology is Windows Phone. I have been developing with the Windows Phone since the release of Windows Phone 7, in late 2010. It has helped me in two major ways: improving my skills as a programmer and making my day-to-day more efficient. The Windows Phone provided a platform from which I was able to learn all aspects of programming, from algorithmic thinking to industry standards. Windows Phone also provided a way for me to keep track of all the moving parts of my life from a single, sleek handheld and catapulted my career as a developer!”

Big Thanks!

These four MSP’s along with the rest of the amazing students in the program work hard to spread the word about the opportunities Microsoft provides to student technologists. For that, we are incredibly thankful.

We look forward to seeing 75 MSPs from more than 50 countries at the first annual Microsoft Student Partner Summit this summer where we will celebrate their achievements.  Throughout the week, the students will be able to develop their technical skills via deep-dive technical sessions and networking opportunities with Microsoft product teams. The weeklong event coincides with the Imagine Cup World Finals at Microsoft headquarters in Seattle. Check out the Microsoft Student Partner gallery to meet other students in the program: .

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