Meet a recent Microsoft Learn Student Ambassador graduate: Luis Filipe
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Today we meet Luis Filipe who recently graduated with a degree in Computer Engineering from the Federal Institute of Science Education and Technology of Ceará, Brazil.

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What is your degree in?


I graduated with a bachelor's degree in computer engineering from the Federal Institute of Science, Education and Technology of Ceará (IFCE ) in Brazil.


When did you join the Student Ambassadors community?


I joined the Student Ambassador community in January 2021, and loved every moment I could contribute to my community and fellow Ambassadors!


What was being a Student Ambassador like?


Being a Student Ambassador was an amazing opportunity that allowed me to connect with people from all places and walks of life who share a common passion for technology. Through the community, I met individuals who were enthusiastic about exploring new concepts, tools, and ideas. These interactions sparked new interests in me, and I found myself constantly learning and discovering new things.


Being a Student Ambassador also improved my communication skills as I shared my ideas and knowledge through presentations, podcasts, and writing about my experiences. It also allowed me to express my creativity by helping other ambassadors as a graphic designer. These interactions taught me how to communicate complex ideas in a clear and concise manner, which is a vital skill for any tech professional. Overall, it was an incredible journey that allowed me to grow both personally and professionally, and I would highly recommend it to anyone passionate about technology and community building!



Photo from the first Brazilian Microsoft Student Ambassadors Meetup, which occurred at Microsoft Reactor - São Paulo


Was there a specific experience you had while you were in the program that had a profound impact on you and why? For example – being involved in a Social Impact Project, Networking with a Cloud Advocate or MVP (Microsoft Most Valuable Professional), Mentoring another Student Ambassador?

There are so many that it's hard to talk about just one! But I could see firsthand how this program can change people's lives in two examples:

First, one of the Ambassadors I referred to the program excelled so much that he is now in a community-building role in a world-class company. His ability to show his community skills as an ambassador opened a door for him.

Second, I participated in quite a few of our ambassador-led Brazil Informative sessions, with the intent of showing the wider Brazilian community how great a program this is. It amazed me the amount of interest that our viewers had in improving themselves, and how we as ambassadors could be a catalyst for that transformation.


Tell us about a technology you had the chance to gain a skillset in as a Student Ambassador? How has this skill you acquired helped you in your post-university journey?

The program has been a total game-changer for me, both during my time in university and now as a software engineer. Thanks to the program, I gained valuable skills in cloud computing that I now use every day to design and build scalable solutions for our high-performance, large-scale systems. Plus, the communication and collaboration skills I developed have made me a pro at collaborating with my colleagues. Bottom line: my time as a Student Ambassador set me up for success, and I am forever grateful for the experience!


What is something you want all students, globally, to know about the Microsoft Learn Student Ambassador Program?


I want students to know that they should believe in themselves and their abilities. The Student Ambassador Program is designed to help students of all skill levels grow and succeed. Whether you're a seasoned pro or just starting out, there's a place for you in this program. So, don't be afraid to take a chance, push yourself out of your comfort zone, and believe that you have what it takes to succeed. With the support of the Ambassador community behind you, the sky's the limit!


What advice would you give to new Student Ambassadors, who are just starting off in the program?


Do not be shy, and do not rush! There can be a lot of knowledge and guidance to take in once you join the program. Your fellow ambassadors are your friends on this journey, and they will be glad to help you. Also, during your time in the program, your university studies take priority. Being an ambassador is a marathon, not a sprint, so focus on not overloading yourself with all the things that you will learn and do, and remember that first and foremost, you are a student!


Share a favorite quote with us! It can be from a movie, a song, a book, someone you know personally. Tell us why you chose this. What does it mean for you?


"Quem acredita sempre alcança," which translates to "Whoever believes, always achieves", is a quote from a great Brazilian band, Legião Urbana. I believe this encapsulates well the dreams that we have, and the perseverance and optimism that we must maintain through challenges and setbacks, always maintaining a positive outlook throughout our journeys. It also relates very well to the Student Ambassador program, as we have a community that too believes in the power of determination and perseverance.


Luis Filipe at the Royal Air Force Museum in London, during an internship. Luis credits the skills he acquired as a Student Ambassador for helping him secure the internship.


Tell us something interesting about you, about your journey.


When I started my graduate studies, I was very confused about what I wanted to do. I did quite a few freelance jobs with graphic design, studied one semester in law school, and started flight school (I never actually got to fly due to financial reasons). Even when I started Computer Engineering, I spent my first three years without knowing if I wanted to work with hardware or software. However, the journey of a cousin of mine towards working in a big tech company, and the impact that all these products have in our lives, inspired me to finally make the decision to focus on software development and trying to make a difference.


This led me to participate in multiple student programs from various well-known organizations - among them, Microsoft Learn Student Ambassadors. Nowadays, with the help of many friends and with the help of this program, I've been achieving my objectives, and helping those around me in doing so as well!


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