Join us in the Student Zone at Microsoft Build 2021
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The Student Zone at Microsoft Build is back! On May 25 through May 27, get together with students, recent grads, and other tech-savvy tinkerers to learn new skills and find fun ways to pursue your passions through tech.


Prepare for launch with space-themed sessions that introduce Python, C#, Visual Studio Code, and GitHub. Bring your imagination to life through art, games, movies, sports, and social good with help from tools like JavaScript, machine learning, and Microsoft 365. Or get the insider scoop on tech careers from the awesome session hosts and guest speakers at Build. It’s all waiting for you in the Student Zone.


Collaborate in Visual Studio Code and GitHub

Get to know these popular tools so that you can code and collaborate like a pro.


Build apps with Python and C#

Learn how to make web apps or explore machine learning with two of the most popular languages.


Learn web development skills with JavaScript, HTML, and CSS

See how languages come together in an interactive web app and learn how to build your own.


Learn how to become a software developer

Hear from experienced developers and learn from the career journeys they’ve taken.


Ask experts about transitioning from school to your career

Learn from a data scientist, web dev, mixed reality dev, program manager, and cloud advocate.


Ask your burning questions about chatbots

Bots seem to be everywhere, but how do they work and what can they do? Find your answers here.


Build inclusive technology for a diverse world

Learn what it takes to build technologies and products that meet the needs of a diverse global audience.


Create visual storytelling magic with technology

Learn how Grady Cofer, a visual effects supervisor at Industrial Light & Magic, uses tech in the movies.


Build a Space Jam: A New Legacy gathering hub using JavaScript

See how JavaScript, Microsoft Teams, Microsoft Graph, and some cartoons come together with code.


Hear how a tech career can take you to space

Learn how Astronaut Stanley G. Love went from teaching programming to spending 306 hours in space.


Discover new ways to express your artistic side through AI

See how a creative senior cloud advocate uses Python and Azure to create amazing composite images.


Make your mark through a community project

Learn how to contribute to shared projects using MakeCode and Javascript.


Get in your zone

About 30 speakers are ready to share their knowledge with you in the Student Zone. Get the full details for each session and RSVP to pack your schedule full of goodies. See all Student Zone sessions

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