Frequently asked questions for getting started in the 2022 Imagine Cup
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Whether you’re considering entering the 2022 Imagine Cup or have already registered, we’re here to help you make the most of our global student technology competition. Check out these commonly asked questions:


Q: What is the 2022 Imagine Cup?

A: The Imagine Cup is a global competition for students aged 16+.  We would love for you to imagine any solution that you’re passionate about, but your project must:

  1. include a Microsoft Azure component
  2. fall under one of four categories: Earth, Education, Health, and Lifestyle
  3. take into consideration diversity, inclusion, and accessibility.


Q: Do I have to be a student to participate in the Imagine Cup?

A: Yes. If you are over 16 years of age and are a student at a university, community college, vocational or trade school, or a high school, you are eligible to participate in the Imagine Cup. All students at accredited schools in countries around the world* are eligible.


Q: How do I register for the Imagine Cup?

A: Visit the Imagine Cup webpage, and click 'Register Now' to sign up.


Q:  I’ve registered.  How do I get started on my next step?

A: Once you’ve registered, be sure to visit your Imagine Cup account page for information on how to join our exclusive Discord community where you can chat with other students and Microsoft professionals, brainstorm, ask technical questions, find mentorship, and collaborate at every stage of the process. 

Then check out our helpful training course that will guide you in developing a great project from start to finish.  For even more resources to help you in the competition, take a look at the blog "How to get the most out of your Imagine Cup experience".


Q: Do I need to create a team or can I join a team?

A:  Imagine Cup teams are made of up to four (4) eligible students who together will create an original technology project from start to finish—determine the problem you want to solve, come up with a great idea or solution, plan, build the project, and submit it.  The team must be created prior to or during project submission. You can create a team from your Imagine Cup account page. If another student creates a team, they can invite you, and a notification will show up in your account.  Each competitor may belong to only one team during the competition.

If you need help finding teammates, check out the Discord community for guidance and to connect with other students.


Q: Can I change my team's name or update team members?

A: You may change the team name and add or update team members before the submission deadline for the Online Semifinals (or National Final, if applicable for your country).


Q: Do all team members need to be from the same country or university?

A: A team can consist of members from multiple countries and/or universities, but the team can only represent one country in the competition (usually the country in which the majority of competitors reside).


Q: Am I eligible to represent a country if I am not a citizen of that country?

A: We look at residency, not citizenship. If you are resident of an eligible country, you can compete representing that country even if your citizenship is elsewhere.


Q: How do I view my team, status of my submission, and the competition timeline?

A: Head over to your Imagine Cup account page for all your details, such as viewing the status of your submission, managing your team, and checking out local updates and news for the country you selected in your registration.  The Discord community also has channels dedicated to each National Finals Competition.


Q: How do I submit my project?

A: You can submit your project through your account page and then later check its status there as well. Students are only allowed to submit one project.


Q: Where can I get Azure for Students?

A: Claim $100 in Azure credit and 25+ services FREE so you can build your competitive skills. Get Azure for Students.


Q: Where can I learn to use Azure?

A: Visit Microsoft Learn and try out one of our free Azure learning paths to start creating your project. You can also try any of our GitHub Labs.


Q: Where can I find additional content and information?

A: For more information on the competition, visit


We wish the best of luck to all the students competing in this year's Imagine Cup!


*See Rules and Regulations for excluded countries

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