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First published on MSDN on May 07, 2015

Want to create an awesome new game for Windows 10, but you’re not sure where to start? Then be sure to check out a Microsoft Imagine Windows 10 Game Jam , which will be hosted in more than 40 countries between May 14 and June 23.

Gaming is getting a massive push with the Windows 10 Universal Windows Platform unifying gaming across PCs, phones and Xbox One. Find out how your next game project can support multiplayer gaming across devices, tap into an amazing gaming community and take advantage of the latest game engines and frameworks from Unity, Monogame and Cocos.

Find and register for a Windows 10 Game Jam in your local area. Then, start your game project and level up your skills by learning from Microsoft gaming experts at the Game Jam. There, you’ll hack in Microsoft’s all-day game jam with free art assets to jump-start your ideas.

Here’s the Windows Game Jam agenda:

  • Windows 10 Light-Up Tour: Learn the latest from Microsoft's //Build conference in San Francisco.

  • Game Tools Update: We'll check out what's new in cross-platform game engines and frameworks from: Unity, Monogame and Cocos2DX.

  • Selling your Game: The new Windows Store gives you the ability to sell your game across PC, phones and Xbox. Learn what's new!

  • Xbox Live: Learn about Xbox One's premier online service coming to Windows 10.

  • Game Jam: Start a new game project with our free art assets or make your own! Use what you just learned and get coding.

Afterwards, continue to share your game's progress with us on Twitter (#win10gamejam) and Instagram as the future of gaming unfolds at Microsoft Imagine . Technological innovation happens fast, and Microsoft Imagine works to connect students like you with the tools and knowledge you need to create, code and boldly bring your ideas to life.

Here’s what you’ll need to do prior to attending a Game Jam event:

Register for a Windows 10 Game Jam today! See you there!

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