December Code Hunt Challenge
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First published on MSDN on Dec 17, 2014
The year's almost over, but we have one more Code Hunt challenge for you in 2014: the December Code Hunt Challenge ! Pit your coding skills against our coding puzzles, in a competition to win a prize of $1000 !

The competition for the top spot in the November Code Hunt Challenge was fierce. Congratulations to Vincent Hsiao from the United States , our November Code Hunt winner!

Is there still time for you to participate and compete for the prize money? Of course! Just click here to register for Code Hunt. You can find the competition on your Dashboard ; the link on your Dashboard will become active on December 20 at 00:01 GMT .

So how does Code Hunt work?

Your goal is to modify a piece of code to produce the right results. Here’s what it looks like:

On the left, you can see the code.

On the right are the inputs and outputs.

Change the code, and click the ‘Capture Code’ button, and you’ll see how the outputs change. Ones that appear in red are incorrect, and you’ll need to change the code until they match up. But you’re being graded on efficiency, too; complete the challenge in fewer lines of code, and you’ll get a better score.

Want to try this out yourself? Code Hunt has plenty of puzzles for you to practice on! Head over to the Code Hunt site to warm up for the main event. You can write your code in C# or Java, whichever is more comfortable for you.

And don’t forget to set a reminder for December 20 at 00:00 GMT, so you can get started on the Imagine Cup Code Hunt Challenge as early as possible!
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