Congratulations to our 2020 Imagine Cup Americas Regional Final Winners!
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Ten student teams from countries across the Americas virtually pitched their tech solutions at the 2020 Imagine Cup Americas Regional Final this week. Driven by purpose and developed with passion, each team presented a unique project leveraging Microsoft Azure to make a difference. The event culminated with the selection of the final two teams to move forward to this year’s World Championship during Microsoft Build. Congratulations to our Americas World Finalists, Team Deeptector and Team Tremor Vision from the United States! 


The Imagine Cup aims to empower student developers to create innovative and inclusive projects that tackle pressing global and societal issues. Our winning teams both developed solutions to make an impact within their communities and beyond. Deeptector created an intelligent tool that uses state-of-the-art deep learning technologies to detect "Deepfake" videos and protect journalists, and Team Tremor Vision created a web-based tool using Azure custom vision that enables physicians to detect early onset Parkinson’s and quantitatively track patient progress throughout a prescribed treatment plan.


Out of hundreds of Americas submissions, the ten regional finalist teams virtually showcased their innovations to a panel of judges to compete for prizes totaling USD20,000, Azure credits, and two spots in the 2020 World Championship. With ideas encompassing solutions in environmental conservation, communication, accessibility, healthcare detection and prevention tools, and more, judges had a difficult task selecting which teams to advance.  


Congratulations to all our winners this year and thank you to everyone who participated in bringing your passion to life. We can’t wait to see how students continue to develop their projects. We'd also like to give a special thank you to our judges for lending their expertise to the competition.    


Meet the winning teams:   


World Finalist – Deeptector, United States

University of Missouri

The team created, a web app that detects DeepFakes using the same Artificial Intelligence methods that generate state-of-the-art DeepFake. These algorithms are commonly known as deep neural networks and they train themselves to differentiate between real videos and fake ones by looking at thousands of examples of each. DeepFakes are an emerging method for propagating misinformation in the media and Deeptector aims to protect journalists and the public from the damage that DeepFakes can cause. 

Prizes: USD8,000, Azure credits, a spot in the 2020 Imagine Cup World Championship    


World Finalist – Tremor Vision, United States

University of Washington

Tremor Vision is a web-based tool that enables physicians to detect early onset Parkinson’s and quantitatively track patient progress throughout a prescribed treatment plan. By simply using a touchscreen device connected to the internet, the user sends clinical results to their physician. The platform empowers patients to save time and money required by routine clinical visits and increases physician’s reach in screening for early signs of Parkinson’s. 

Prizes: USD8,000, Azure credits, a spot in the 2020 Imagine Cup World Championship    


Runner-up - Pink AI, United States

University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign, University of California, Berkeley

Pink AI's project is a web platform that uses a Deep Learning model to provide accurate, efficient, and affordable detection for 4 different types of breast cancer in 10 seconds with an accuracy of 99%.

Prizes: USD2,500 and Azure credits   


Runner-up - Synbiolic, Canada

Harbord Collegiate Institute, AY Jackson Secondary School, Port Credit Secondary School

Synbiolic is an AI-powered end-to-end rational drug design platform with a mission of making medicine more accessible worldwide. Researchers are able to choose their targets, the small molecule’s property they wish to optimize and get a tailored list of molecules that could work as a drug, as well as instructions on how to synthesize that molecule. 

Prizes: USD2,500 and Azure credits    


Runner-up - TuringCerts , United States

Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, University of California, Berkeley

TuringCerts is a privacy-first certificate validation solution on the blockchain, which guarantees the integrity of records and makes verifying and transferring much more efficient than conventional hiring process. 

Prizes: USD2,500 and Azure credits    


Follow the journeys of our winning teams on Instagram and Twitter as they prepare for the 2020 World Championship! They’ll be competing against our Asia World Finalists, team Syrinx and team Hollo, and EMEA World Finalists, team the Knights and team RedWalls.    


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