Windows 11: I have an old application designed with SQL 2014. Can I use newer versions of SQL?

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Hello all,


I have a custom designed application which is originally set up with SQL 2014. 


I recently bought a new computer which is set up with Windows 11. 


I see now that SQL 2014 is not supported by Windows 11.


My questions:


1) Should it matter which version of SQL DB I use? Put another way, should I be able to set up my old application using for example SQL 2017 or later?


The only thing I know is that I will need to run an SQL script to set up the database, so I guess the question is if that script generated in 2014 will be compatible with newer versions.


2) If no to the prior question - can I still install SQL 2014 on Windows 11?


Thanks so much in advance. :)



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I was able to install SQL 2014 on Windows 11 just fine and my application + DB seems to be working correctly. So, I'm assuming this works as it should.


Would still be interested in your comments if anyone have anything to share on the subject. 

SQL Server 2022 should work with your app, there are no big differences between the version, beside stabile, performance, new features.