where should i start ssis or ssas

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i want to ask after installing and all .. first from where should i start.. like first i have SSIS package or SSAS paakcage? if SSIS first will be create then how i integrate that package in SSAS? 


kindly suggest.. i want to use adventurework database

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like first i have SSIS package or SSAS paakcage?

@Bakhtawar A. , your post is a bit strange, SSIS and SSAS are very different services, which can only work indirect together.

SSIS is a ETL tool = "Extract, transforming and loading" to e.g. fill a data warehouse.

SSAS is a OLAP system = "Online Analytical Process" to allow fast reporting even on big data.

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yes after ETL process and load all the data then how to use that same data for analytical purpose? like in SSAS?
Yes, creating a cube in SSAS is a good way for reporting in client apps like MS Excel, see the tutorial link I posted before.
create cube in SSAS? if we create cube in SSAS then what we do in SSIS ? we can also create cube in SSIS right ?
@olafhelper please respond
See my first post.
You can't create cubes in SSIS, but in SSAS.

@olafhelper  really? We can't create cubes in SSIS? But i have seen many videos on youtube whoch they are creating cubes in ssis. Will  you please share any video.

@Bakhtawar A. , you can process a cube with build-in tasks of SSIS, but you can not "create" a cube.

Analysis Services Processing Task - SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS) | Microsoft Learn

build in tasks means ?
Means the task exists by default and you don't need to purchase a 3rd party solution.


hi.. check this package.. i create this package in SSIS .. now how i use this package in SSAS? or should i create cube of this package ?
check this image




@olafhelper please respond

Hello @Bakhtawar A. 

if it is starting the services you should go to the Services console (services.msc) and check that both SQL Server Integration Services and SQL Server Analysis Services are in running state


then you should use SQL Server Management Studio to connect to them (aka.ms/ssms) 


Open SSMS, go to File , Connect to Object Explorer and the in Server Type pick either SSIS or SSAS