What to use ReFS or NTFS?

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Hi All


I'm preparing for SQL Server 2022 inplace upgrade when it arrives, and have just purchased a new hardware where I will use Windows Server 2022 and SQL Server 2019 Ent. until the new toy arrives ;)

I have tried finding information about benefits about ReFS for SQL Server, but cant find any. I have just fined that there has been issues with older SQL versions.


So what do you say? ReFS or NTFS?


Be safe!


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@JensNilsson , see SQL Server Hardware and software requirements => Hard Disk


ReFS is supported, but because of security reasons not recommended, so better go with NTFS.

Format the disk for data files with a sector size of 64 kb instead of default 4 kb, that's best practice.

Thanks! @olafhelper 
That helped my decision. The sector size I'm aware of, so that I'll fix :)

Have a great new year of 2022


The doc you cite does not match what was stated.

"Installing SQL Server on computers with the NTFS or ReFS file formats is recommended. The FAT32 file system is supported but not recommended as it is less secure than the NTFS or ReFS file systems. "

FAT32 is less secure, not ReFS

@--BF-- , please have a look at your calendar: We are writing year 2022, and you talk about FAT32; really?