SSRS Randomly Splitting Last Row onto New Page

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I have a basic report with a Tablix, 1 Group (2 Group Header, Details (2), 3 Group Footers). 


If I run this report for random Transactions (in my case Purchase Orders), some will print properly ie rows go to the bottom then continue on the next page, followed by the group footers (depending on line notes and text wrapping some print 30 items on page 1, some 24 etc.  


I run the exact same report for another PO and it'll go 17 items, then #18 on second page followed by group footers, another PO will go 23 items then item #24 on page 2 followed by group footers.

I've checked the data and there is nothing different between rows of data that split and those that do not.  It seems completely random.  


I am at a complete loss as running these types of reports in Crystal from the same data has zero issues.  I have nothing in the properties for page breaks, max records etc.

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