SSMS Search in Project or Solution opens EVERY file - even if they don't match the search string

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Whenever I search for text in my project or solution, SSMS opens, and keeps open, every file it searches whether or not the search string was found.

  • E.g. Say I have references to a particular table in perhaps 3 or 4 SQL scripts in my project. If I'm making a change to that table, I need to find those scripts to see if they also need to be changed. Obviously I don't want to open any other files.


When I search for some text, SSMS opens EVERY script and leaves it open. Half way through the process, SSMS is taking up so much memory that it becomes unresponsive and crashes.

  • In contrast, Visual Studio only ever keeps open those files that match the search.

It's got so bad I can no longer use Search within Project or Solution. I'm having to do a search in windows File Explorer, make a note of the files that need looked at, and then open each separately. 


I can't believe that every other user is happy with this, so it makes me think there must be something wrong with my setup. I have reinstalled SSMS several times now, but to no effect. Help?

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