SQL User CAL OEM transfer

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I have Microsoft licensing question on which is very difficult to find answer. 5 years ago we purchased Volume License for SQL Server 2014 Standard and 200x DELL OEM SQL 2014 per user CALs. We are moving the VM which has the SQL server to new DELL host. With Server it is clear, we can simply move license as it is Volume. However what about DELL SQL user CALs? In theory OEM software sticks with hardware but this is not a software. And I just found document about Windows Server CAL:


(page 21) which shows, the Windows Server CAL are not sicked anyhow to physical server and there is no difference between OEM or any other form of licensing. I would presume the same will be with SQL CAL but would like to find confirmation, the best in Microsoft document. Could you help me with this please?

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