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Hello everyone,
We would like to ask the following question on the use of SQL.
Please apologize for having not much knowledge yet on this topic. We are still beginners and eager to learn, and therefore will be grateful for any advice from you:
We have one spreadsheet comprising 3 fields (A, B, C), including 100 rows. The spreadsheet is stored on our cloud drive.

- Can we find a way to apply SQL operation to this table (spreadsheet)?
- We are 3 users, and we would to perform this operation together as we would like to understand and practice SQL. Is there a way that we all 3 can access this SQL environment?

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- Can we find a way to apply SQL operation to this table (spreadsheet)?

@Joonam123 , sorry, but for me it's not clear, what you trying to achieve here?

Yes, the ACE OleDB Provider for Excel support a sub-set of SQL command. But even if it's said, Excel is the largest database in the world; it isn't  a real database, it's a spreadsheet.


Why not using real databases supporting full SQL like MS SQL, MySQL, SQLite etc?

Meanwhile you get free but small databases in the cloud, where everyone of your team can access it.



Good day @Joonam123 


We have one spreadsheet 


Your description is not clear since SQL Server does not have any spreadsheet or any other GUI interface. SQL Server is a a set of services which run in the background.


It sound like you speak about something like spreadsheet in Excel or a table in SQL Server. Please clarify


> The spreadsheet is stored on our cloud drive.


According to this, you are not speaking about SQL Server, so probably Excel


> Can we find a way to apply SQL operation to this table (spreadsheet)?


Probably Yes, but still do not know if you mean table or spreadsheet and which application SQL Server, Excel or something else?


Thanks. This sounds really good. So let me ask you from another angle: We want to set up a DB for the 3 of us, but we dont have not enough knowledge but would like to learn it. Thus: We would like to start learning how to use and start using a "real database" 1. Where is this "free and small database in the cloud" with which we could start. 2. We would prefer a cloud database system with a good tutorial so that we can learn to set up a DB and utililizing it step by step. And if the costs are not super high, we will be of course happy to pay for this as well.